Altar Pottery


    John Archer Hall, 68 Upper Hill Street

    United Kingdom



    Altar Pottery is a progressive ceramics studio based in John Archer Hall, Toxteth. The workshop  provides a dynamic learning and practice environment for ceramics enthusiasts of all levels, from the absolute beginner to the more seasoned practitioner. Altar Pottery is equipped with state of the art facilities, modern learning aids as well as a professional staff periodically joined by volunteers and visiting lecturers.

     All taught sessions are designed to be informative and fun so to accelerate one’s pace of learning and success. A limited number of membership options are also available to those with previous experience or training in ceramics.

    Through enabling and promoting a sense of personal growth, fulfillment and mental well-being that can be derived from working with one’s hands, Altar Pottery hopes to attract a community of diverse individuals who will inspire and support one another. Keeping experimentation, knowledge sharing and collaboration close to its core, Altar Pottery’s mission is to become a key asset to Liverpool’s expanding cultural heritage.