Bluecoat, School Lane
    L1 3BX
    United Kingdom



    The Bluecoat has a huge range of performances including music, literature and poetry events, dance, live art, courses in crafts and print-making as well as free exhibitions in its galleries on offer.

    There are four gallery spaces as well as other exhibition spaces, a performance space, rehearsal/community learning spaces, studios for printmaking, a bar, café and more.

    This section will help you plan your visit and give you a good idea about what we have to offer at the Bluecoat.

    The Bluecoat is a popular venue for artists, promoters and other groups to hire and stage their own events.  Available spaces include: Performance Space, Sandon Room, Garden Room, Library, Makin Room, Upstairs Bistro.

    Opportunities to let

    The Bluecoat does have spaces that it lets out to artists, creative industries and creative retailers.

    To find out about our current opportunities click here.