Convenience Gallery


    Abbey Close Unit 1
    CH41 5FQ
    United Kingdom



    Convenience Gallery CIC is a community focussed arts organisation based in Birkenhead. Offering a space for our community to engage with art outside of it normalised context doing this by bringing creativity & arts into public spaces. With our primary location at the Bloom Building.

    Our intentions are to work in creative partnerships; with artists, organisations and communities.

    How do we do this?

    1. Supporting artists across all disciplines and stages of career
    2. To bring conceptual art outside of its normalised context and place it within community spaces
    3. Delivering access to creative practices and pathways within our community
    4. High quality, diverse and experimental programming
    5. Working in partnerships with likeminded organisations to place art in new contexts

    Our pledge is to work alongside artists, champion the artist-led, and fair pay. Working towards a sustainable model for the work of the Convenience Gallery. As well as within Wirral, Merseyside and wider north west culture.

    Who we are;

    Andrew Shaw & Ryan Gauge

    If you want to get in touch about getting involved, accessibility or for more information, please get in touch.