DoES Liverpool


    1st Floor, The Tapestry, 68-76 Kempston Street
    L3 8HL
    United Kingdom



    DoES Liverpool is a community

    First and foremost DoES Liverpool is a community of people with a diverse range of skills and interests. By joining the DoES community you will get to mingle with entrepreneurs and company founders, artists and makers, developers and hardware engineers, academics and students (and many people that are less easy to label).

    You can also be part of our community though our Google Group.

    DoES Liverpool is a place

    We are a co-working space located in the heart of Liverpool. Desks are available to rent by the month or by the day.  The DoES workshop is well equipped with a range of electronics equipment, 3d printers, vacuum former, CNC mill and laser cutters.

    DoES Liverpool host events

    DoES Liverpool organises a range of regular and semi-regular events.
    We also host a number of events run by different people.

    DoES Liverpool is a company

    We are a Community Interest Company. This means that any profit we make is fed back to help the community – making the space bigger, or buying more useful bits of kit.

    What do we aspire to be?

    We want to be the place where you do your best work.
    We want to be the natural home for startups and businesses in Liverpool and beyond.
    We want to be a welcoming and friendly environment that inspires you and fosters collaboration between you and other community members.
    We want to stay true to our roots. We are community based and we want to keep the freedom that that brings.

    We want to support the growth of the region in a meaningful way – by doing rather than talking about it.

    Most of all we want you to be a part of our community and help us grow. If you would like to get involved please get in touch!

    Who’s behind it?

    DoES was founded by a group of us (Adrian McEwen, John McKerrell, Hakim Cassimally, Paul Freeman, Andy Goodwin and Ross Jones) who’d been running Maker Nights and sharing a smaller office since summer 2010. When we needed to move office in summer 2011, we decided to take things on a step – we set up DoES Liverpool CIC and found ourselves somewhere with enough room for more people and the space for a workshop.

    We’re not running it to make our fortunes (and as a CIC all profits get reinvested in a better space or more useful equipment for the members), we just thought that there was a need for this sort of space in Liverpool.